Scenic town and beaches of Primosten in Croatia


Primošten is one of the most famous resorts in Dalmatia (organized tourism is developed from the sixties) and most colorful little towns on the Adriatic coast, with many characteristic narrow streets in the old core on a small mountainous peninsula. Today, Primošten is an important tourist destination with many accommodation facilities, many restaurants, taverns and coffee bars. Scenes of the stone cells of the vineyard vintage Babic on the nearby slopes are a special experience and a testimony that mans hand can enrich and fertilize even the roughest environment. Beautiful beaches on the Radica peninsula with crystal clear sea, whiteness of the stone and greenness of the pines creates a perfect natural wholeness. Don’t miss the summer folk ceremony – Primošten užanci (local dance) which are held every summer in Primošten authentic ambience.

History of Primošten

Primošten, under the name Capusta Cista is found in documents from the year 1564. Upon the emergence of the island, the location was guarded from the Turks by stone walls and towers, and the link with the mainland was a drawbridge which was later replaced with embankment and Primošten became a peninsula. Primošten has still preserved the atmosphere and all architectural features of medieval Mediterranean fishing village. The place is dominated by the church of St. Juraj built in 1485. on the highest point of the former island. Church of Lady of Mercy (Gospa od Milosti) from 1553. and St. Roko (Sv. Rok) chapel from 1680. also draw attention.

Culture and events

During the year numerous events are held in Primošten, and for You, we have chosen the ones in the Summer months that You may find interesting:
Festival of Dalmatian vocal bands (klape) (26.7)

  • Pilgrimage: Lady of Porto (26.7)
  • Primošten feast (August)
  • Primošten užanci (local dance) (first weekend in August)
  • Singing Primošten (15.8)



In Primošten restaurants, with pleasant hosts, you’ll experience a family atmosphere where they’ll prepare You a number of Dalmatian specialties from fish, mollusks, crustaceans and other seafood delicacies, to meat, in the best possible way. Dishes flavored with homemade olive oil and various spices, which are there at you fingertips, Dalmatian smoked ham with cheese and olives, are a tradition that will most certainly leave a special impression on you.

  • Restaurant AMFORA, Primošten
  • Restaurant AURORA, Primošten
  • Restaurant BABILON, Primošten
  • Restaurant BILA LUCICA, Primošten
  • Restaurant BILO, Primošten
  • Restaurant DALMACIJA, Primošten
  • Restaurant DEPADANS, Primošten
  • Restaurant DOLAC, Primošten
  • Pizzeria FORTUNA, Primošten
  • Restaurant GALIJA, Primošten
  • Tavern JERKO, Primošten
  • Tavern JURLINOVI DVORI, Primošten
  • PubKAMENAR, Primošten
  • Restaurant MAESTRAL, Primošten
  • Restaurant MARINA, Primošten
  • Restaurant MEDITERAN, Primošten
  • Restaurant MORE, Primošten
  • Restaurant PLAVA LAGUNA, Primošten
  • Restaurant PRIMO, Primošten
  • Pizzeria RTIC, Primošten
  • Restaurant RUDINA, Primošten
  • Tavern ŠARICEVI DVORI, Primošten
  • Restaurant STARO SELO, Primošten
  • Tavern TONI, Primošten
  • Konoba TORKUL, Primošten
  • Restaurant VILLA FENC, Primošten

Harmony of sun, sea and stone

Stone houses, churches and narrow streets (kale) are the perfect harmony of past and present.

Surrounded by seven islets, Primošten is a special gift of nature that leaves no one indifferent. That which was not given by the stingy nature, hard working people created for themselves and made Primošten one of the most attractive destinations in the Adriatic.

From the former fishing village Primošten developed into a tourist paradise in this part of the Adriatic. Charm of this town is hard to resist. Streets with Mediterranean atmosphere invite you to feel the warmth of this region and these people at least for a moment.