House order

In order to provide you with a pleasant stay and to prevent any misunderstandings, please familiarize yourself with our house rules.
For all kinds of information the reception service of the apartments Oaza  is at your disposal.
  • Accommodation is available from 14.00 on day of arrival until 10.00 am on the day of departure . Staying in the apartment after 10:00 am is unconditionally charged as another day without the possibility of further stay in the unit.
  • Upon arrival at the reception you turn in your identity card or passport to the host.
  • Personal documents will be returned to you upon enrollment in the guestbook and registration at the Tourist Office at the latest within 24 hours.
  • As insurance in case of loss, damage or destruction of inventory, charterer ( guest ) is required when registering at the reception a deposit of € 100 to the owner that he will at the end of the lease refund in full, or it will be used as refund for the possible damage done. If the damage is greater than the specified amount the customer is required to top up the full amount.
  • The price for apartments for the whole period will be charged the first night stay in the apartment.
  • If you decide to terminate your earlier arrangement, you are required to pay the entire booking period.
  • Guests are responsible for their behavior in the apartments. In case of an accident they face the consequences.
  • Thorough cleaning and decorating of the apartment is done by the host or hostess of Oaza apartments during each shift of new costumers. Garbage bags, toilet paper, dishwasher tablets … are available upon arrival, and other volumes if needed are the responsibility of the guest.
  • During an extended stay in the same unit, maid service is every 7 days, towels more often or as needed. During their stay, guests are expected to keep the cleanliness of the apartment, as well as  at the end of the stay they should present it in an appropriate condition as they found it on arrival: clean, tidy and undamaged.
  • The guests are responsible for the cleanliness of accommodation, and are required to maintain. The landlord is not required to maintain accommodation during the guest’s stay at the accommodation.
  • Guests are required to take care of the key with special attention and lock the apartment because the owners are not liable for theft or negligence. Compensation for loss of keys is 100 euros
  • Night rest lasts from 22:00 am to 8:00 am during which time it is forbidden to create noise and disturb the peace and disturb other guests.
  • We ask guests to turn off the lights before leaving the apartment, turn off electrical appliances and close all faucets. We especially ask guests to turn off air conditioning when they simultaneously open windows and doors in the apartment.
  • During the summer please throw out garbage daily.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring people who are not users of rented apartments and are not listed on the enclosed pre- booking. In the case of finding people who are not registered or have not been announced, the host has the right to cancel accommodation to all guests without having to pay cancellation costs.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take owners property outside the apartment eg ( towels, dishes, blankets ) …
  • It is not allowed to bring in easily inflammable and explosive materials and with strong or unpleasant smell. Furthermore, it is not allowed to bring electric appliances to the apartment without the host’s permission. This rule does not apply to electric appliances for personal care.
  • Guests are required to take care of their belongings and treasured items that they leave in the apartment. The owner is not responsible for their eventual disappearance.
  • The owner has no right to enter the apartment at the time when guests are absent, except in special cases when the entry is necessary to prevent possible damage or danger. In such cases, when the owner is required to enter the apartment, he must inform guests at the first meeting.
  • We do not accept pets in apartments.
  • On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to allow the owner of the apartment Oaza, with his presence, to inspect all rooms and home appliances. Any damage that is caused when leaving the customer is obligated to compensate.
  • During their stay, guests can use the outdoor grill and the charcoal they must provide themselves. After using the grill it must be cleaned, and presented in the same condition as it was found in consideration to other users. Also please be careful when handling the barbecue coals so it doesn’t fall out of the same and starts an unwanted fire.
  • During their stay guests have daily access to outdoor shower.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the common areas of the apartment, but not in the rooms, take into account a possible fire hazard.
  • House rules is an integral part of the lease. Guests are requested to read house rules and sign it as a sign of consent. If the house rules are not signed , and if a payment or advance payment is confirmed, it is believed that house rules have been read and that they are accepted as such. Due to non-compliance with rules and regulations the owner has the right to unconditionally cancel accommodation to the guests, and their money in this case does not return. At the beginning of the accommodation it is considered as though the customer is familiar with the house rules of apartments Oaza and agrees to the obligations and conditions specified in the house rules.
Thank you for choosing us for your vacation! We wish you a pleasant stay in apartments Oaza!
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